Mirror//Horizon — December 21st

A Social Engagement Piece to Inspire Reflection

Thank you to all of the collaborators which were cross-generational Womxn representing many cultures. The questions will be found on each game page to the left (Game 01 – Game 07). I welcome you to listen to the corresponding playlist at any time for more immersion. Please see game inspiration throughout the site.

To Play at Home Please Print Out a Game Board

Game Board 1 | Game Board 2

About Mirror//Horizon

Often, when broaching the topic of architecture buildings are central. Yet, architecture is more of a curation of space. The living and necromass combine as it does in the jungles, forests, and deserts. It’s the mimicry of what Earth provides under her skies. Comfort, food, water, and spaces to gather. 

The world over, humanity seems to be in crisis. Mental and emotional health, addictions, and ethics. In Ancient Egyptian lore, at the crossroads a scale presents itself and the heart is weighed against Maat’s feather. What makes a heart as light as a feather? Could it be play, silver linings, support, community, love, or compassion? Research suggests that the way to experience a sense of peace in this world begins with the ability to access curiosity. Sometimes the quickest way to access curiosity is to answer a good question. 

With this social game, I’ve asked several womxn to share questions they would be interested in asking a stranger. There are 7 games, each consisting of 11 squares and each square represents a question. You can play the game alone or with your friends, family, or community.

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